American Contractors Indemnity Co. recently controlled much of California`s bond market for entrepreneurs. One possible reason for this is that ACI has developed a solid understanding of the entrepreneur`s fixed income business by adapting and evolving through several fluctuating economic cycles, giving it the experience of proper valuation of long-term bonds. Conservative price discipline can also contribute to its financial strength. As of 2020, American Contractors Indemnity has a financial rating of AA (Very Strong) from Standard and Poorâs and A+ (Superior) from A.M. Best Company.¹ California contractors may be more familiar with American Contractors Indemnity than any other warranty in California when it comes to contractor licenses, and for good reason. American Contractors Indemnity may have subscribed to more California contractor licensing obligations in recent years than any other warranty. American Contractors Indemnity is a unique warranty that has arguably been one of the most competitive warranties for many California contractors for most of the past decade. Among other advantages, ACI belongs to a relatively small group of guarantors who are willing to write bonds for pools and roofers, and they are often willing to consider subscribing to bonds for entrepreneurs with a very poor credit rating. General underwriting policies and experiences may have contributed to API`s strong market share, although entrepreneurs should carefully evaluate their retention options when renewing each year if they are not satisfied with their rate.

Changes in competition can happen quickly with many guarantees in the area of California contractor license bonds. Contractor license bonds are legal contracts designed to protect the public by ensuring that contractors comply with all state laws and regulations as described in the California Business & Professions Code, or risk a surety payment that not only results in financial loss to contractors, but may also result in disciplinary action by the CSLB. Unlicensed entrepreneurs are not bound and therefore do not offer consumers the same level of financial protection. We provide excellent service to an extensive network of independent insurance agents and brokers by focusing on the following core segments of the business: California entrepreneurs have many options when it comes to obtaining a licensed surety. it may be a good idea to ask several guarantors for offers, otherwise they may miss out on significant premium reduction opportunities that they might not otherwise have experienced. Each guarantor has unique underwriting policies that can result in significant rate differences depending on a contractor`s background and credit profile. Tokyo Marine HCC – Surety Group is a leading provider of warranties that help businesses and individuals ensure the trust and safety of their customers. Tokyo Marine HCC – Surety Group requires all agencies, brokerage companies or people who deal with the police department or sell or receive a commission to obtain the right government appointments.

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