Say goodbye to antiquated water-based, labour intensive powder repair materials and hello to the next generation of polymer repair systems.

FastPatch bonds tenaciously to surfaces, outlasting and outperforming traditional comparisons thanks to its flexibility, cold-application and cure time of just a few minutes – all of which reduces your return to service time while increasing service life.

FastPatch In Action

FastPatch In Action The Benefits - Concrete Australia - Antoun

Repair Products


Easy-to-apply distressed pavement repair (DPR) material for asphalt or concrete that is a unique polymer blend of recycled and renewable materials.

  • Roadways
  • Car parks
  • Warehouses
  • Footpaths
5000 Cartridge 

Flexible polymer for concrete repair applications and offered in easy-to-use cartridges as well as drums or totes for larger repairs.

  • Roads and highways
  • Bridges
  • Warehouse floors
  • Parking decks
  • Footpaths
  • Any crack or spall in concrete

Sealant Products


A medium-flexible, self-leveling rapid-setting joint sealant material. ASTM C920 Type M, Grade P, Class 25.

  • Expansion joints
  • Airport runways and highways
  • Parking decks, bridge decks
  • Roofing
  • Footpaths

Easy-to-apply primer with fast recoat time. PolyPrime strengthens repair area surface and provides a strong bonding surface for FastPatch products.

  • Walls and floors
  • Expansion joints
  • Primer coatings
  • Porous substrate
  • Low temperature applications

Why FastPatch?

Polymer not powder

Fast return to service

Remains flexible throughout service life

Will not push/shove after installation

A Man Using Trowel Applying Fastpatch On The Wall - Civil Works Construction - Antoun

CSR Wetherill Park – Floor Repairs

CSR’s plasterboard division operates out of a busy warehouse in Wetherill Park. Continues usage of the floor by trucks and other heavy vehicles lead to damage requiring fast and strong repair.

FastPatch was selected by Grange Solutions for this application to ensure the floor could be excavated, product mixed and poured quickly, with forklifts being able to drive over within a few short hours.

Western Sydney University (WSU) Hawkesbury Campus – Speed Hump Repairs

WSU contracted us for repairs to several large speed humps. Using a mixture of FastPatch and Concrete Mix, the team was able to quickly repair the damaged speed bumps and return roads to serviceability within a few hours.

Both FastPatch and Concrete Mix were used for this application as the client required the strength of Concrete Mix, combined with the flexibility of FastPatch to ensure no future damage could occur. 

A Worker Hand Leveling Concrete - Concrete Australia - Antoun

Relevant documents

Fastpatch Safety Data Sheet

Fastpatch CT Resin

Fastpatch DPR Resin

Fastpatch Flyer

What Our Client Say About Us

“We used FastPatch® DPR on the airport taxiway repair and increased our square feet of repairs per man hour by 30%. The kits and pouches are easy to open and don’t leave any waste in the mixing container like other products. ”
~Project Manager

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