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Project Engineer

The Following attributes will be required to successfully carry out the role.

Personal Qualities:

  • Self motivated
  • Prepared to learn and develop
  • Team orientated
  • Customer focused
  • Able to present themselves and their work in a way that enhances the public image of Antoun
  • Willing to try new ideas and participate in change
  • Focused on health and safety in their work
  • Able to be self managing & lead by example
  • Strong personal values that align to those of Antoun

Acquired skills/qualifications:

  • Minimum 2yrs experience
  • Include varied first tier and contractor experience
  • Eye for detail
  • Capable of working within an IMS framework, to accredited HSEQ systems.
  • Capable of producing detailed ITPs and SWMS.
  • Preferable Airport and RMS experience.
  • Capable of delivering high end finishes.
  • Strong communication and team skills.

The Project Engineer’s responsibilities are to assist the Project Manager in the following:

  • To supervise, coordinate and program construction activities as per the project documentation and ensure that the completed works comply with the drawings and specifications.
  • Implementation of the Company Quality Systems on the Site.
  • To ensure that the Site and all persons working on the Site comply with all relevant WHS, environmental and industrial relations Legislation.
  • To ensure that all current drawings, specifications, records, documentation and site diary that are required for the works are maintained and accessible on site at all times.
  • To produce and implement Inspection and Test Plans to ensure that the works comply with the specifications, drawings and other requirements of the client.
  • The ordering of materials in accordance with Purchasing Procedures.
  • To act as the Representative of Antoun with respect to verbal communications to the client.
  • To attend all site and office meetings as required.
  • The preparation and maintenance of all Management Plans and Safe Work Method Statements.
  • To communicate all relevant information to the Construction Manager.
  • To responsibly and efficiently allocate Company labour and machines in consultation with the Construction Managers.
  • To adhere to all Company Policies of conduct and behaviour, and ensure that all persons on the Site also adhere to all Company Policies of conduct and behaviour.
  • To develop project schedules and budgets.
  • To organise project employees and approve the engagement of suppliers and subcontractors ensuring that tcompliance with all relevant WHS, Environmental and Industrial Relations Legislation.
  • The timely processing and approval of all supplier and subcontractor invoices and progress claims in accordance with company procedure.
  • To monitor the progress of project expenditure and take corrective action if required.
  • To coordinate the efforts of others to achieve completion of projects to suit client needs.
  • To keep up to date with industry change and new technology and workplace changes.
  • To ensure that all Project reporting is completed in a timely manner.
  • To ensure that the work of Sub-contractors complies with the Project Documents.

We are offering a very competitive package to the right candidate and if you believe you have the above attributes, challenge your future and apply for the journey with us.

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