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Finding The Missing Middle In Construction

COVID-19’s impact on Australia’s construction and infrastructure industry has brought to light several pre-existing issues that have been surfaced because of the pandemic.

To identify what is causing them and what has been done to address them, we have surveyed a group of professionals in the construction industry across a range of sectors, job titles, and company sizes. Our survey sample represented a wide range of industry sectors, from hiring subcontractors and those working as subcontractors across Australia.

In this ebook, we aim to analyse the culprit behind common project delays and overruns, to identify the gaps, and find the ‘missing middle’.

We’ll also explore what the future of the industry looks like and how Antoun can help shape it better for 2021.

About Antoun

Antoun is an internationally diverse civil construction and engineering business that focuses on bringing advanced technologies and innovative solutions to our clients and the broader community.

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