16R Threshold Slab
Replacement at Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport contracted us to reconstruct the rigid pavement at the busiest runway and threshold in Australia – Runway 16R (RWY 16R). The concrete slabs at the RWY 16R Threshold were originally built in 1968 and have reached the end of their service life. The pavement started showing signs of pavement failure about 10 years ago and has been maintained up to this point utilising our Rapid Set concrete slab repair program.


Sydney, NSW




4 months




The scope of works included

  • Initial works involved the demolition of existing threshold rigid pavement to subgrade level, followed by subgrade preparation.
  • We constructed the base layer before the construction of the PCC rigid and transition pavements
  • Redundant and demolished line markings were replaced with new MOS standard pavement line markings
  • The program included Airfield Ground Lighting and MAGS upgrades, consisting of the installation of off pavement conduits and pits, new primary and secondary cable, plugs and sockets, as well as the connection of new shallow base canisters and light fixtures

The Results

Due to the critical location of the 16R threshold, site access for a full reconstruction of the rigid pavement had previously been constrained to date. Due to the COVID related downturn in the Aviation industry, we were provided the oppurtunity to work under modified Runway operating conditions, completing a historic upgrade of the Threshold, a critical piece of infrastructure and the busiest of its kind in Australia. The project was completed while adhering to strict Airside regulations and with minimal unplanned operational interruptions.

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Relevant documents

Antoun NSW EMS certificate

RMS Prequalification letter &
Certificate expApr22.pdf

Antoun NSW EMS certificate

RMS Prequalification letter &
Certificate expApr22.pdf

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