Woolooware Bay Shared Path Stage 6

This stage was the most complicated, detailed and scenic component of the foreshore redevelopment, involving internationally protected migratory birds, local endangered shore birds, protected mangroves, endangered salt marsh and land contamination. Special attention needed to be given to the design and construction of the boardwalk, balustrades, feature walls and artwork and custom street furniture to provide views of the heritage-listed wharf, a new sand island and main bird habitat and roosting areas.


Taren Point, NSW


$2 – $5m


35 weeks


The project saw an area that had become a hazardous, contaminated wasteland due to years of illegal dumping transformed into an accessible, functional recreational space, catering for a range of important ecological and heritage sensitivities.

At the heart of the project is something much bigger than a simple pathway: it is the result of a long-term commitment by Sutherland Shire Council, some 16 years in the making. The client aimed to not only enhance community livability, but to do so in a way that would balance elements of environment, heritage and recreation while protecting endangered birds and ecological communities and promoting future biodiversity in the area.

The scope of works included

  • 3.8m wide shared path and elevated boardwalk for pedestrians and cyclists with handrail lighting.
  • Viewing platforms and shade structure with information panels and timber bench seats.
  • Construction of environmentally friendly seawalls.
  • Sandstone bench seats with views across to the jetty and Woolooware Bay.
  • Interpretive bird screens and signage
  • Saltmarsh planting and dune protection fencing.
  • Land remediation, drainage, landscaping and planting.

The results

Using a combination of fibre reinforced polymer and hardwoods we were able to deliver designs that perfectly complemented the aesthetic of the heritage features and natural environment. Functionally, the designs provided structural integrity, longevity of materials, serviceability and purpose of use while matching all Australian legislative standards.

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Antoun NSW EMS certificate

RMS Prequalification letter &
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