Antoun is the industry leader in providing Rapid Set Belitic Calcium Sulfoaluminate (BCSA) concrete construction (RSCC) and high early strength concrete pavements. 

When faced with changing time restrictions, Antoun stands out in our ability to innovate and adapt our products to meet these changing demands.

Our cutting-edge technologies, backed by our highly experienced team, have enabled us to achieve a 100% record of return to service for expedient pavements, speeding up operations

Clients come first – Always

Our teams are trained with people and project management skills that make complex stakeholders manageable.

The fastest – Proven

Our 100% on-time project record and deadline guarantee for large-scale concrete slab pours means we hit timeframes our competitors can’t.

No surprises – Guaranteed

We’ve completed hundreds of mission-critical projects over a range of industries and environments and solve little problems before they escalate.

Green credentials – Unmatched

We do everything we can to minimise our harm to the environment, thanks to increased use of recycled materials, reduction of wastage and environment-friendly products.

What Is Rapid Set Concrete?

Rapid Set®Belitic Calcium Sulfoaluminate (BCSA) concrete is the top choice for design and construction professionals who need a concrete mixture that exhibits minimal shrinkage and sets quickly, reaching the required flexural and compressive design strengths in a very short period of time, allowing infrastructure to be returned to service. 

It is characterised by its fast-curing time and strength development, durability, and reduced shrinkage, emerging as a long-lasting, durable concrete that is an innovative alternative to traditional cement. This makes it ideal for diverse projects including highway pavements, bridges, runways, tunnels, harbours, precast, sidewalks, floors, and many other applications.

It has been used as a concrete repair and construction material in the US since the 1970s and has been utilised in Australia since 2007 with a proven track record of successful projects such as the replacement of concrete pavement at Melbourne and Sydney airports.

The 5 S's of Rapid Set Concrete

  • Speed of Construction – construction times are dramatically reduced due to the curing times

  • Strength – high early strengths means that assets can return to service sooner

  • Shrinkage – minimal shrinkage compared to alternative products

  • Sulphate Resistant – improving the slabs longevity and durability

  • Sustainability – reduction of CO2 emissions during the production and delivery methods remove wastage

How Rapid Set Concrete Compares

How Rapid Set Concrete Compares Table - Civil Works Construction - Antoun

Why Use Rapid Set Concrete Pavements?

Construction Workers Pouring And Spreading Concrete Into Floor Slab - Concrete Australia - Antoun
  • Lower Construction Costs
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Lower whole-of-life costs
  • Extended life benefits
  • Early return to services
  • Available and safe
  • Skid-resistant
  • Smooth and durable
  • Quicker to construct
  • 100% recyclable
  • 12% and 30% lower environmental impact at 40 and 70 years
  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Concrete pavement rolling resistance reduces fuel consumption by 3% to 17%

What Our Client Say About Us

M1 Concrete Slab Replacement

As one of the busiest highways in Australia, the M1 Motorway is a major link along the East Coast, linking Brisbane and Sydney as an integral part of National Route 1. But as the use of the Motorway increased, maintenance and upkeep was essential to ensure the safety of M1 users while extending the life of the Motorway Pavement. Antoun was engaged to rehabilitate these sections with the least amount of traffic disruption and to be ready for the resumption of traffic at 4am AEST.

Antoun’s Rapid Setting Cement achieved high compressive results, translating into a significant cost saving in terms of materials and labour required, which reduced the overall project delivery time and minimised delays to the public.

  • 26MPa compressive strength in 3 hours 
  • 62% saved on cost 
  • 70% saved time

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