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Our relationship

The Department of Transport for Main Roads (TMR) Queensland plans, manages and delivers Queensland’s integrated transport environment. This includes some of the busiest highways in Australia such as the M1 Motorway. TMR Queensland is responsible for the development and maintenance of many major links along the East Coast, and as use of the Motorway increases, maintenance and upkeep plays a key role to ensure the safety of road users. 

TMR Queensland and Antoun have an ongoing relationship around restoring and repairing defective concrete sections in need of immediate maintenance (replacement) to extend the serviceable life of the pavement.  This ongoing relationship has led to continuous improvements to the E6 Methodology that enables the criteria for TMR Queensland Slab Replacements to be met and exceeded. Antoun’s E6 methodology is specially tailored utilising high early strength cement technology for these projects to achieve fast results, with each section of work to be completed and ready for traffic just hours after completion.

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