Ports and Marine

We understand the unique sets of challenges and sensitivities at play in marine environments, from aggressive undersea forces and coastal processes, to demands that the project be completed with attractive design, functionality, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. We draw on our wealth of in-house knowledge and proven design and construct capabilities to meet all these extraordinary challenges safely and securely, while ensuring minimal disruptions to your operations and minimal commitment to future maintenance.

How we can help

  • Design and construction, restoration and repair of marine infrastructure such as seawalls, terminals, jetties and wharf accessories using the latest construction techniques and durable marine-grade materials
  • Detailed planning and establishing site environmental controls during construction, such as silt booms and caissons
  • Shoreline erosion control to defend against sea level rise in the development of navigation channels and harbours
  • Construction, pavement design, manufacturing and laying of specialised pavement materials for ports and term maintenance of port facilities

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