TRU Products

TRU products have been designed specifically for polishing and decorative flooring applications, elevating your project with numerous design possibilities delivered with speed, strength and durability in wet and dry conditions.

TRU Self-Leveling, TRU Polished, TRU Gray


Outstanding clarity and gloss

Highly polishable due to low polymer content and high density



Use as a topping, resurfacer or underlayment and incorporate colours and aggregates



Fast track your projects

Ready for foot traffic in 2-3 hours, coatings in 12, grind and polish in 24


High strength

5000 psi in 24 hours, 6500 psi in 28 days

Relevant documents

RMS Prequalification letter &
Certificate expApr22.pdf

Relevant documents

TRU Products Safety Data Sheet

TRU Products Flyer

RMS Prequalification letter &
Certificate expApr22.pdf

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TRU Self-Leveling

Be ready for foot traffic in only 2-3 hours and polish in 24 hours with this fast-setting, high strength, self-levelling topping material ideal for polished concrete overlays. Formulated with Rapid Set Cement, TRU is ideal for commercial and decorative architectural floors and suitable for both inside and outside use.

  • Grind wet or dry and polish in 24 hours
  • Polish for outstanding clarity and gloss
  • Available in natural and gray colours

TRU Polished

Elevate polished concrete floors with this advanced self-levelling hydraulic cement-based topping. Suitable for use both inside and out, this crack-resistant, durable, one-component system won’t deteriorate in damp conditions and is ideal for projects requiring long flow life and working time while achieving high early strength.

  • Grinds and polishes well to stimulate polished concrete
  • Achieves outstanding clarity and gloss
  • Grind wet or dry and polish in 24 hours

Tru Gray

Customise appearance by adding decorative aggregate to this high performance, architectural topping and resurfacing material. Able to be used indoors and out, in wet and dry conditions, TRU Grey is perfect for projects needing long flow life and working time while achieving high early strength.

  • Ready for foot traffic in 2 to 3 hours
  • Ready for coatings in 12 hours
  • Ready for grinding and polishing in 24 hours

The fastest - proven!

Our mix of technical smarts, superior products and experience means we hit timeframes that can’t be matched by our competitors – and we prove it with our 100% on-time project record and only deadline guarantee in the market for large scale concrete slab pours.

No surprises - guaranteed

We’ve completed hundreds of mission critical projects over a range of industries and environments, and have learnt to see and solve little problems before they become bigger – it’s something that only comes with experience, and no one can match ours.

Our E6 Methodology

We guarantee an on-time and on-budget project completion using our wholly-owned, 6 step delivery approach to mission critical concrete. That’s a promise we stand behind that you simply won’t find anywhere else in the market.

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