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Our relationship

Sydney Airport Taxiways and Runways are constructed from Mass Concrete Slabs in a grid pattern originally constructed in the 1950s. There are a number of concrete pavement slabs at the intersection of Taxi-way A1 and Runway 16R that require replacing over time. Maintenance to the runway pavement must be performed during runway shutdowns and curfew periods (2300hrs to 0430hrs). It is essential that at the end of the shutdown period the runway is reopened for scheduled aircraft movements. Substantial penalties, interruption to aircraft schedules and inconvenience to the travelling public result from failing to reopen the runway on time.

The ongoing relationship between Antoun and Sydney Airport have developed methods proven to be a success. Sydney Airport have approved Antoun’s Rapid Set Concrete Technology utilising our E6 Methodology as the way forward in slab repair/replacement.

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