Antoun is Australia’s leading supplier of volumetric proportioning and continuous mixing systems with the biggest fleet of volumetric mixers within Australia.

We go above and beyond the industry standard to ensure a smooth, knowledgeable, and hassle-free experience for all our clients, so they can enjoy and utilise the full benefit of Antoun’s fleet of over 10 Volumetric Mobile Mixers.

What are Volumetric Mixer Trucks?

Volumetric Truck Mixers are specialty vehicles used to transport high-early strength rapid set concrete that may set too quickly for conventional mixer trucks. They are often used in airfield pavement maintenance and critical infrastructure jobs with tight turnaround times because they improve the quality and efficiency of operations.

Antoun’s specialised volumetric truck mixers offer more control, so you can ensure the freshness, consistency, and flexibility of each pour to save time and money and reduce wastage no matter the scale of the project. 

Key Features

  • Made by the world’s largest manufacturer of volumetric proportioning and continuous mixing systems.

  • Specified for Australian conditions and are constructed to full safety standards.

  • Acceptable for use by Australian State Road Authorities (RMS, TMR and Vic Roads) as well as Airfield projects.

  • Mixers are interchangeable and relocatable depending on works/project’s demands.

  • Mixers are calibrated for GP Concrete and Rapid Set (High Early Structural Strength BCSA Concrete) production.

  • Designed to meet your specification requirements 

  • Comes with our guarantee of excellence for a vast array of tasks performed by the civil, mining, and construction industries.

Proven Track Record

  • 100% record of return to service on time – no delays or late handovers.

  • Antoun possesses the biggest fleet and longest track record in Australia of Rapid Set Concrete and Volumetric Mixers.

  • Proven ability to achieve flexural strength:
    • + 2.1MPa in 90 minutes
    • + 2.5MPa in 2 hours
    • + 3.3MPa in 3 hours
    • + 4.1MPa in 4 hours
    • + 5.0MPa in 24 hours
    • + 6.0MPa in 28 days

  • Proven ability designing Rapid Set (High Early Structural Strength BCSA Concrete) projects to meet your needs.

  • Increased productivity in a single curfew shift – reducing operational disruptions.

  • World leaders in Airport slab replacements and Rapid Set Cement Constructions (RSCC)

  • Our capacity provides contingency and alternatives for airfield works.

Why Specialised Volumetric Truck Mixers?

Industry Leading

We provide best-in-class products, backed with a guarantee of excellence for over 12 years. Get fresh concrete every time – with control of the pour from start to finish.

Improve Operations

Speed up operation with our volumetric cement trucks that are adaptable and easy to operate. We can produce multiple grades and types of concrete from a single truck in various capacities ranging from 2.29m3 to 10m3.

Maximise Working Time

No waiting around for hours for your concrete to set. The volumetric mixer acts as a mobile batching plant giving you the exact quantity you need, delivered on-time, guaranteed. Reduce wait times and avoid getting charged with exorbitant fees to return the excess.

Reduce Wastage

Get things right the first time. By utilising our volumetric fleet, eliminate wastage and save money with less than 1% wastage across all pours.

Volumetric Truck Mixers - Concrete Australia - Antoun

A. Water Supply — Non-corroding polyethylene tank carries ample water for mixing and clean up

B. Aggregate Bins — Sand and stone are carried side by side in open-topped bins

C. Cement Bin — An enclosed bin carries an ample supply of cement

D. Cement Metering — Cement is accurately dispensed through a double flight metering auger 

E. Flow Control Gates — Individually adjustable control gates at the rear of each bin allow the correct amount of sand and stone to be delivered to the mixing auger

F. Conveyor Belt — Delivers metered flows of aggregate and cement to the mixing augers

G. Hawk6 Processor — Provides meaningful discharge information to operator while maintaining data logging and print out capability 

H. Water — Water is introduced as cement and aggregates enter the mixing auger

I. Mixing Auger — Concrete is delivered through a high speed auger with replaceable NI-hard wear plates

What Our Client Say About Us

The Volumetric Mobile Concrete Batching Plant ensured the Rapid Set Concrete exactly matched the pump trial batch with a minimum of wastage. The system is designed around cost benefits by saving time and minimising waste. Most importantly, the system is designed for all concreting jobs, The Mixers are ready to be deployed at any time, which gave us the luxury of having concrete when and where we need it.”
~Railcorp NSW

*Antoun was awarded the Australian Concrete Repair Association (ACRA) Award for Excellence in 2012 for the TaxiWay 1A Trail Slab Replacement, as a JV with Volumetric Concrete Australia (ACRA Member). 

*Antoun received The CCF Earth Award for Construction Excellence Category 1 for the Sydney Airport Runway 25 Project, which marks the introduction and pioneering of Rapid Set Concrete and Mobile Volumetric Concrete Mixers into Australia

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