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Antoun is an internationally diverse civil construction and engineering business that focuses on bringing advanced technologies and innovative solutions to our clients and the broader community. 

As the authority in mission-critical infrastructure, our specialised and experienced team utilises our E6 Methodology® to deliver infrastructure projects across a broad range of industry sectors.

We know how critical it is to ensure your projects are done how you envision them. Working with Antoun ensures you have a trusted and flexible partner who can:

  • Provide bespoke solutions and adapt to your changing needs
  • Ensure your projects stay on schedule and within budget 
  • Reduce project wastage, with limited cost overruns 
  • Provide excellent quality control
  • Help you stay ahead of the game with best-in-class innovative solutions

Why Antoun?

Our Clients Come First— Always!
The Fastest-Proven for Expedient Pavements
No Surprises — Guaranteed​
Green Credentials — Unmatched​

Our 40 years of experience has led us to perfect the process after making mistakes and learning from them over time. 

We have found that the driving force behind every learning curve is being able to quickly adapt to changing client requirements i.e when roads can’t be closed for a whole day or weekends and airports can only be worked on during certain times of the day. 

When faced with changing time restrictions, Antoun stands out in our ability to innovate and adapt our products to meet these changing demands.

Our E6 Methodology

We guarantee an on-time and on-budget project completion using our wholly-owned, 6 step delivery approach to mission critical concrete. That’s a promise we stand behind that you simply won’t find anywhere else in the market.

Antoun In Action

M1 Concrete Slab Replacement

As one of the busiest highways in Australia, the M1 Motorway is a major link along the East Coast, linking Brisbane and Sydney as an integral part of National Route 1. But as use of the Motorway increased, maintenance and upkeep was essential to ensure the safety of M1 users while extending the life of the Motorway Pavement. Antoun was engaged to rehabilitate these sections with the least amount of traffic disruption and to be ready for resumption of traffic at 4am AEST.


  • 26MPa compressive strength in 3 hours 
  • 62% saved on cost 
  • 70% saved time 

Melbourne Airport Sierra Uniform Taxiway Intersection Slab Replacement

The Uniform Sierra taxiway intersection is a critical part of the Melbourne Airport Taxiway network, which has significant operational impacts when out of service equating to thousands of dollars of loss revenue per day. Failure was not an option and Antoun was engaged to complete the project in a strict 6-hour window to ensure the area was open to aircraft traffic each morning ready for handover in the morning for the first arrival.


  • 0 disruption to Airport Operations 
  • Largest RSCC project of its kind in the world 
  • Awarded Corporate Project of the Year by the Australian Airports Association

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